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French (AZERTY) & Czech non transparent keyboard stickers (extended version)

  • $6.50

Keyboard stickers with two languages: French (AZERTY autocollants clavier) and Czech (QWERTZ extended version for all keyboard) will help people using two languages to communicate faster.

You'll get few language layouts on one physical keyboard. Each alphabets has his own colour of letters. All characters are spread onto high‍‍‍‑‍‍‍quality, non-transparent glossy black vinyl with intense adhesive, so these stickers aren’t going anywhere! Low thickness of material provide more pleasant typing. All labels have a protective coat to ensure their durability. Each set of stickers is compatible with different models of notebook, laptop or desktop keyboards. Size of single sticker is 0.47x0.51in (12x13mm). Easy to apply.

Please contact us at [email protected] to inquire about any wholesale or large volume discounts.

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