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Czech non transparent keyboard stickers (extended version)

  • $4.50

Language keyboard stickers with Czech layout – a simple, quick, easiest and most inexpensive way to replace (or renew) the existing characters on your keyboard. Each set comes with all standard function keys.

  • All characters are spread onto high‍‍‍‑‍‍‍quality, non-transparent black vinyl with intense adhesive, so these stickers aren’t going anywhere! 

  • Low thickness of material provide more pleasant typing. 

  • All labels have a protective coat to ensure their durability. 

  • Each set of stickers is compatible with different models of notebook, laptop or desktop keyboards. 

  • Easy to apply.

  • Long lifetime.

Please contact us at info@keyoverlay.com to inquire about any wholesale or large volume discounts.

Product Code: m_cz

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